Building etna_viv on the sabre lite

At the moment I am playing around with a cute nice little imx6q board – the sabre lite.

I am running a freescale based RFS with the binary blob in the user space. So why
not look into etna_viv and get it compiled. It turns out to be as simple as this.

git clone git:// cd etnaviv/native export GCABI=imx6 export CFLAGS="-DPOSIXCSOURCE=200809 -DGNUSOURCE -DLINUX -pthread" export CXXFLAGS="-DPOSIXCSOURCE=200809 -DGNUSOURCE -DLINUX -pthread" make

At the moment the GC2000 support is non existent but it should be possible to add support
for it in the foreseeable future. To get a picture what needs to be done have a lookt at

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