Let’s Encrypt

As HTTPS is a must nowadays I decided a year a go to give it a try and got a certificate from startssl. The process at startssl took quite some time and was not that easy. With lets encrypt everything should be much easier and faster to setup – lets give... [Read More]

etnaviv: kmscube

Last Friday I got kmscube successfully running with mesa and the new etnaviv DRM kernel driver. At this time I got it not really pixel perfect and I spend some nights to get it fixed. It turns out that I need a small mesa hack to get the rendering correct. [Read More]

QMetaEnum: Serializing C++ Enums

I think that almost every C++ programmer looked into a nice and easy way to do C++ Enum serialization. You may want to store the Enum value in a human readable format (json, ini, ..) and later you may also want to read back the value into the object. [Read More]

Configure git send-email for gmail

Today I did a fresh installation of Fedora on my Chromebook and need to setup git send-email. Usually I need to do this step once every 1-2 years I thought it might be a good idea to write it down. [Read More]
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Fast forward to 2015

It has been a long time since I did the last post and I want to bring you up to date regarding my personal blog. As you might have seen I have changed the used theme to better support mobile devices. [Read More]