OpenOCD and the iMX6

Sometimes is is quite handy to have access to a JTAG interface to look more deeply into problems.  The weapon of choice is an Olimex ARM-USB-OCD-H JTAG in combination with OpenOCD 0.8.0. First we will need to install OpenOCD. [Read More]
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Vivante MMU v1

I did spend quite some time the last days to figure out how the MMU v1 could work and what all the code in the v4 Kernel sources does. It took quite some time and a little hint from Russel to finally understand it. So lets start with the technical... [Read More]

The next steps for etnaviv

I did spend some time to find the cause for the rendering issues during running some egls2 demos. The fix is a simple one-liner and I would say that GC8xx and GC2000 are ‘equal’ now. That means general work on etnaviv can start now. Currently I am looking in different... [Read More]
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