Git via Git

If you already have Git installed, you can get the latest development version via Git itself: [Read More]

Change mac address under linux - the brutal way

Last days I run into a problem that I needed to change the mac address of a network card directly under linux. In the last years VxWorks was used for this purpose – oh and yes I know that you should not change a mac address 🙂 But I am... [Read More]

Who is wasting my disk space

I think all of us run into this problem… the free space on a storage medium is getting smaller and smaller and you are not really sure why this is the case. For such cases I use a graphical tool to see the biggest space waster – as I am... [Read More]

em8300: starting from scratch

The last two days I found again some time to hack on the em8300/dxr3 driver. I see the end comming of all my work, but I need to change the way I work. I have renamed the old project on github to v4l2-em8300-old and created a new one. Yes you... [Read More]
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