device-tree introspection

From time to time I need to inspect a used device-tree of a running device. For instance, the used bootloader (u-boot, barebox, …) patches the the initial specified dtb and I want to see the modified one. All that is needed is an installed device-tree-compiler on the target. [Read More]

etnaviv officially landed

After years of hard work the etnaviv team reached an other very important milestone. The gallium driver and the renderonly library got pushed into mesa’s git repository and will be released with mesa 17.0 - yeah! [Read More]
Tags: gpu mesa etnaviv

Let’s Encrypt

As HTTPS is a must nowadays I decided a year a go to give it a try and got a certificate from startssl. The process at startssl took quite some time and was not that easy. With lets encrypt everything should be much easier and faster to setup – lets give... [Read More]

etnaviv: kmscube

Last Friday I got kmscube successfully running with mesa and the new etnaviv DRM kernel driver. At this time I got it not really pixel perfect and I spend some nights to get it fixed. It turns out that I need a small mesa hack to get the rendering correct. [Read More]

QMetaEnum: Serializing C++ Enums

I think that almost every C++ programmer looked into a nice and easy way to do C++ Enum serialization. You may want to store the Enum value in a human readable format (json, ini, ..) and later you may also want to read back the value into the object. [Read More]