After years of hard work the etnaviv team reached an other very important milestone. The gallium driver and the renderonly library got pushed into mesa’s git repository and will be released with mesa 17.0 - yeah!

This does not mean we are done with development at all. There are many interesting topics to work on and some of them like better support for newer IP cores or a reworked GLSL compiler should see the light of day during the next months.

I think 2017 will be a quite interesting one for etnaviv and open source GPU drivers in general.

At this point I want to thank a lot of people who helped out in different areas. The whole mesa community (esp. Rob, Ilia and Emil), SolidRun for provided hardware, Pengutronix - the ‘imx6-company’ - for doing a wonderful job in the kernel space and all the other guys I meet in real life or via irc/mail.