You might be familiar with mesamatrix - a nice site to track the state of all GPU drivers provided by Mesa. Ohh.. did I say all? Let’s have a closer look:

This page is a graphical representation of the text file docs/features.txt from the Mesa repository.

So wouldn’t it be sick to get etnaviv mentioned in docs/features.txt and onto the matrix?

First mesamatrix needs to know/support etnaviv. This seems to be quite simple as there is already a pull request to add a bunch of embedded GPU drivers: Add VC4,VC5 and Vivante GPUs

Comment found at mesamatrix pull request

Second we need is to add support for an easy to support extension. After skimming through the list I settled with ARB_seamless_cubemap_per_texture

To be fair I know that there are some UNK bits in the sampler registers and I hope one of them has something to do with seamless cubemaps. I went with a quick try-and-error approach to find the UNK bit which enables seamless cubemaps. And after 20 minutes of hacking the spec@amd_seamless_cubemap_per_texture@amd_seamless_cubemap_per_texture piglit works \o/.

The end result can be found in in this merge request. I hope to merge the changes soon and see something new in mesamatrix.