Software inevitably encounters bugs, a challenge particularly pronounced in the Free Software domain where much of the development relies on volunteers. Sometimes, even important bugs might not be addressed in time for a software release.

In scenarios where crucial bugs are left unresolved, possibly due to the voluntary nature of the contributors, users often find themselves in need of a solution, even if they are willing to pay for it.

This is where my services come into play. I offer professional consulting for both bug fixing and the development of new features. If you are facing a persistent bug or looking to add a new feature to your software, I am here to assist.

Upon your request, I will evaluate the bug or feature concept, estimate the time and effort needed to tackle it, and provide you with a comprehensive proposal. The only requirement from my end is that the bug is reproducible to ensure effective resolution.

My services are geared towards delivering high-quality solutions in software consulting. Whether it’s ironing out complex bugs or crafting innovative features, I am ready to take on the challenge.

If you have any critical bugs or feature ideas you’d like to discuss, please feel free to contact me. Let’s collaborate to elevate your software to the next level.